Ona Janzen.
Ona Janzen.
blue mountains wedding photographer

How I Work

' in a gentle way, you can shake the world. '

- mahatma gandhi


The way I photograph young people can be...a little unique. I like real, natural,  conscious...quiet portraits. simple. present.

Kids become wound up, very easily, very quickly. This is completely natural! So with my work, rather than needing ways to get them laughing and 'up' for the camera...I find ways to calm them, quiet them, to naturally bring the tone right down...even if only for a few moments at a time. This is how I get the images you see here.

Portrait sessions are quiet and relaxed...some of the time!! however...we also have fun;)

When photographing children & teenagers I get best results when working with them alone. I create a gentle space where there is little to distract & no reason to dwell in a state of self conscious. This is easier to achieve when they don't feel they're being watched, or feel concerned with whether they are doing ok. There's less resistance & we can settle into a good communication & rhythm, quickly.

Of course parents can remain close at hand...out of sight and out of ear shot is preferred, though inconspicuous spying is ok!